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Golden Brown Bar is one of the hottest spots on the westside of Amsterdam and it’s well known voor it’s cosy atmosphere, good thai food and a nice drink and beer menu. Situated at the nice JP Hejestraat, Golden Brown Bar is a place where local residents, expats and other visitors meet. Golden Brown Bar is open for lunch, happy hour and dinner until the late evening. Accidently the bar is called after a 80’s song by The Stranglers that for once is nota about love.


Monday: 05 PM - 01 AM
Tuesday: 05 PM - 01 AM
Wednesday: 05 PM - 01 AM
Thursday : 05 PM - 01 AM
Friday : 05 PM - 03 AM
Saturday: 05 PM - 03 AM
Sunday : 05 PM - 01 AM


Golden Brown Bar
JP Heijestraat 146
1054 MK Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6124076